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Prof. Ouafae Ninis | Biopolymers Award | NanotechImpact Award

Prof. Ouafae Ninis, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco

Ninis Ouafae, born on January 20, 1985, in Taza, Morocco, is a Moroccan national with a passion for materials science and nanostructures. With a PhD in Materials Science and nanostructures from FST in Fez, Morocco, her research focuses on “Novel Ο€-conjugated molecular materials for photovoltaic applications: Design, Modeling, and Characterization.” Holding a Magister degree in Industrial Automated Systems Engineering and a Bachelor degree in Physics, she brings a diverse skill set to her work. Currently serving as a Professor at Univ. Abdelmalek Esaadi, ENS in Martil, Morocco, Ouafae’s expertise lies in molecular modeling, organic materials for optoelectronics, and designing photovoltaic devices. With a background in teaching physical and chemical sciences, she is dedicated to advancing research in sustainable energy solutions and materials science.

Professional Profile:


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πŸŽ“ University Degrees:

Dr. Ninis Ouafae is a highly accomplished researcher with a PhD in Materials Science and Nanostructures from FST – Fez, Morocco (2018). His doctoral research focused on the design, modeling, and characterization of novel Ο€-conjugated molecular materials for photovoltaic applications. Prior to his PhD, Dr. Ouafae earned a Magister Degree in Industrial Automated Systems Engineering, Physics, from FSDM – Fez, Morocco (2009), an ENS Certificate for “Teaching physical and chemical sciences” from ENSET – Rabat, Morocco (2009), and a Bachelor Degree in Physics from FP – Taza, Morocco (2006). His academic journey reflects a strong commitment to interdisciplinary research and education in the fields of materials science, engineering, and education.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Professional Experience:

Since 2018, Dr. Ninis Ouafae has served as a Professor at the University Abdelmalek Esaadi, ENS, Martil, Morocco, where he contributes his expertise in materials science and nanostructures. Prior to this, he held the position of Teacher at a high school under the National Ministry of Education in Taza, Morocco, from 2009 to 2018. Through his roles in academia, Dr. Ouafae has made significant contributions to both higher education and secondary education, nurturing the next generation of scholars and professionals in his field.

πŸ’Ό Fields of Interest:

Dr. Ninis Ouafae’s research interests encompass molecular modeling, organic materials for optoelectronics, and photovoltaic device design. With a focus on materials science and nanostructures, he explores the computational and theoretical aspects of molecular structures, their electronic properties, and their potential applications in optoelectronic devices such as solar cells. Dr. Ouafae’s work bridges the gap between theoretical modeling and practical device design, contributing to advancements in renewable energy technology and sustainable materials development.

Publication Top Notes:

  1. Theoretical studies of photovoltaic properties for design of new Azo-Pyrrole photo-sensitizer materials as dyes in solar cells
    • Authors: O. Ninis, R. Kacimi, H. Bouaamlat, M. Abarkan, M. Bouachrine
    • Journal: [Journal of Materials and Environmental Science](link disabled)
    • Published Year: 2017
    • Citations: 29
  2. Opto-electronic properties and molecular design of new materials based on pyrrole studied by DFT
    • Authors: H. Toufik, SM. Bouzzine, O. Ninis, F. Lamchouri, M. Aberkane, M. Hamidi, …
    • Journal: [Research on Chemical Intermediates](link disabled)
    • Published Year: 2012
    • Citations: 11
  3. Investigations on optoelectronic properties of new low gap compounds based on pyrrole as solar cells materials
    • Authors: O. Ninis, SM. Bouzzinea, H. Toufik, F. Lamchouri, M. Abarkan, M. Hamidi, …
    • Journal: [Journal of Applied Chemical Research](link disabled)
    • Published Year: 2013
    • Citations: 5
  4. Spectroscopic analysis of polyfuran and theoretical investigation of electronic properties of oligofurans: destined for the solar cell applications
    • Authors: O. Ninis, M. Abarkan, M. Bouachrine
    • Conference: 2014 International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC)
    • Published Year: 2014
    • Citations: 3
  5. DFT calculations of photophysical properties of ethylen-dioxy-thiophen derivatives oligomers with optoelectronic functionalities
    • Authors: O. Ninis, F. Agda, D. Nebbach, S. Kaya, M. Abarkan, M. Bouachrine
    • Journal: [Journal of Molecular Structure](link disabled)
    • Published Year: 2023
    • Citations: 1






Prof. Ouafae Ninis | Biopolymers Award | NanotechImpact Award

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