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Dr. Mina Adampourezare | Nanobiosensor Award | Women Researcher Award

Dr. Mina Adampourezare, university of tabriz, Iran

Mina Adampourezare is a dedicated researcher known for her contributions to the field of biosensing and molecular analysis. With a focus on DNA methylation detection and cancer diagnosis, Adampourezare has authored numerous papers exploring innovative strategies using nanoparticles and bioactive polymers. Her research spans various disciplines, from biomedical analysis to environmental protection, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to advancing scientific knowledge. Adampourezare’s work reflects her passion for addressing critical challenges in healthcare and biotechnology, making her a valuable asset to the scientific community

Professional Profile:


πŸ“Š Academic Collaborations:

Mina has collaborated with researchers from various institutions to explore innovative approaches in biosensing and genetic analysis. Her collaborations have led to advancements in the development of novel biosensing platforms and contributed to interdisciplinary research efforts in the field of biotechnology and biomedical engineering.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Contributions:

Mina Adampourezare has made significant contributions to the field of biosensing and cancer diagnosis through her research on utilizing nanoparticles, microfluidics, and advanced bioanalysis techniques. Her work addresses key challenges in early cancer detection and DNA damage studies, aiming to improve healthcare outcomes and deepen our understanding of genetic factors in disease development.

🌟 Recognition:

Her work has been recognized for its significance in advancing the field of molecular diagnostics and biosensing. Mina’s publications have been well-received within the scientific community, and her research has been cited by peers in related studies.

πŸ”¬ Research Interests:

Mina Adampourezare specializes in the development and application of nanoparticles in DNA biosensors, employing fluorometric detection methods for precise analysis. Her research focuses on DNA methylation analysis, a crucial aspect in understanding epigenetic regulation and disease progression. Additionally, she pioneers bioanalysis strategies tailored for DNA damage studies, offering insights into cellular responses and potential therapeutic interventions. Through her work, Mina aims to enhance the sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency of biosensing technologies, contributing to advancements in biomedical research and personalized medicine.

Publication Top Notes:

  1. Recent progress and challenges in the application of molecularly imprinted polymers for early-stage screening of neurodegenerative diseases-related protein biomarkers – 2023
    • Published in: Microchemical Journal
    • Cited by: 4
  2. Iron/iron oxide-based magneto-electrochemical sensors/biosensors for ensuring food safety: recent progress and challenges in environmental protection – 2023
    • Published in: RSC Advances
    • Cited by: 5
  3. An innovative fluorometric bioanalysis strategy towards recognition of DNA methylation using opto-active polymer: A new platform for DNA damage studies by genosensor technology – 2022
    • Published in: Journal of Molecular Recognition
    • Cited by: 4
  4. Optical bio-sensing of DNA methylation analysis: an overview of recent progress and future prospects – 2022
    • Published in: RSC Advances
    • Cited by: 8
  5. Microfluidic assisted recognition of miRNAs towards point-of-care diagnosis: Technical and analytical overview towards biosensing of short stranded single non-coding oligonucleotides – 2022
    • Published in: Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
    • Cited by: 2




Dr. Mina Adampourezare | Nanobiosensor Award | Women Researcher Award

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