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Assoc. Prof. Dr. huifang Ma | Graphene Award | Best Researcher Award

Assoc. Prof. Dr. huifang Ma, Nanjing Tech University, China

Ezz Yousef is a highly dedicated Physics Research Assistant with hands-on experience at the American University in Cairo. Specializing in designing and developing polymeric membranes, nanofibers, and semiconductors for diverse applications, including optoelectronics, supercapacitors, and wound healing. Ezz holds a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Suez University, graduating with honors, and is currently pursuing an M.Sc. in Nanotechnology at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, AUC. With a strong interest and expertise in polymers and semiconductors, Ezz has published two research papers and prepared three others. Having served as a Research Assistant at both the American University in Cairo and Suez University, Ezz has gained valuable experience in electrochemistry, supercapacitors, optoelectronics, and nanofiber scaffolds for wound healing applications. Additionally, Ezz has undertaken technical projects and participated in conferences, demonstrating a commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of physics and materials science

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📚 Education:

Huifang Ma obtained a Ph.D. from the State Key Laboratory for Chemo/Biosensing and Chemometrics, focusing on cutting-edge research in the field. Prior to that, she completed her B.S. degree at Zhoukou Normal University, laying the foundation for her academic journey and research pursuits.

🎓 Professional Activities:

Huifang Ma currently serves as a Guest Editor for Crystals journal, contributing her expertise and insight to the editorial process. In this role, she plays a pivotal part in shaping the content and direction of the journal, ensuring the publication of high-quality and impactful research in the field of materials science and engineering.

🏆 Honours and Awards:

Huifang Ma has garnered recognition as an Outstanding Graduate of both Hunan province and Hunan University, underscoring her academic excellence and dedication to scholarly pursuits. Her achievements include receiving multiple prestigious scholarships and academic accolades, reflecting her commitment to excellence and leadership in the academic sphere.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. huifang Ma | Graphene Award | Best Researcher Award

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