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Dr. Fatima Al-Zohbi | Nano Chemistry | Women Researcher Award

Dr. Fatima Al-Zohbi, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Dr. Fatima Al-Zohbi is a dedicated educator and researcher with a diverse background in polymer science, electrochemistry, and materials chemistry. With extensive teaching experience at the Lebanese University, her expertise encompasses a wide range of topics, including NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and electrochemistry. As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in France, she contributed to the development of perovskite solar cells based on ZnO nanorods, focusing on synthesis and optoelectronic characterization. Her PhD work delved into supercapacitor applications, investigating polyaniline composites and ionic liquids. Dr. Al-Zohbi’s journey reflects a passion for both teaching and cutting-edge research in renewable energy materials.

Professional Profiles:

The impact of her research is evident in citation metrics and indices from Google Scholar:

  • Cited by: All – 77.
  • Citations –75.
  • h-index – 4.
  • Documents – 6.

A prolific researcher making meaningful contributions to the academic world!

🎓 Education:

PhD in Polymer Science and Electrochemistry. Master’s in Organic Chemistry (with honors). Bachelor’s in Chemistry (with honors).

🏫 Teaching Experience:

Dr. Al-Zohbi has extensive experience as a lecturer, teaching a wide range of materials-related subjects including Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Thermodynamic lab, Kinetics lab, Inorganic of Transition Metals, and Electrochemistry.

🔬 Research Experience:

As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, she worked on the development of perovskite solar cells based on ZnO nanorods, focusing on the synthesis and characterization of hole transporting materials and functionalization of ZnO nanorods. She has also conducted research on the synthesis of small organic molecules and their optoelectronic properties.

🌍 International Experience:

Dr. Al-Zohbi has undertaken research projects and internships in France, collaborating with institutions such as the Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie des Matériaux et des Electrolytes pour l’Energie (PCM2E) and XLIM Institute. Additionally, she completed a master’s internship in Lebanon, focusing on stereoisomer synthesis.

🔬 Research Focus:

Dr. Fatima Al-Zohbi’s research primarily focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and application of advanced materials, particularly in the fields of polymer science and renewable energy technologies. Her work encompasses a wide range of topics, including the devulcanization of styrene butadiene rubber using microwave energy, the development of novel electrolyte formulations for polyaniline-based supercapacitors, and the design of efficient hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells. She has also conducted impactful studies on enhancing the storage performance of polyaniline and graphene composites synthesized in protic ionic liquids. Through her research, Dr. Al-Zohbi aims to address critical challenges in material science, contributing to advancements in energy storage, renewable energy, and sustainable technologies.

Publications Top Note:

Fatima Al-Zohbi | Nano Chemistry | Women Researcher Award

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