Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
MsPalikaWetchakulWalailak universityThailandNanomaterials for EnergyNatural products and Traditional KnowledgeBest Researcher Award
DrReemAlsantaliTaif universitySaudi ArabiaSynthesis and self assembly of nanomaterialsSynthesis of new compoundsBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrJunhongYUNanyang Technological UniversitySingaporeNanophotonics & NanoelectronicsPhotophysicsBest Researcher Award
Prof DrEvamarieHey-HawkinsFaculty of Chemistry and MineralogyGermanySynthesis and self assembly of nanomaterialsCarborane-based compoundsBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrMohsenRadiIslamic Azad UniversityIranNanocompositesactive biopolymer films/coatings for food packagingBest Researcher Award
DrOmarMOMMADIFaculty of Sciences, University Mohamed I,OujdaMoroccoNanomaterials for EnergyEtude des propriétés optoélectroniques des boîtes quantiques sous l'influence de perturbations externesYoung Scientist Award
MrRishuPrasadUniversity of ManchesterUnited KingdomNanocompositesCivil EngineeringBest Researcher Award
MrMohammed TouseefKhanCSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute(CFTRI)IndiaNanobiotechnologyAdvanced Nanomaterials and NanotechnologyBest Researcher Award
DrOluwafemiDaramolaObafemi Awolowo UniversityNigeriaNanobiotechnologyMicrobial synthesis of iron-oxide nanoparticlesYoung Scientist Award
ProfTARIKERENYildiz Technical UniversityTurkeySynthesis and self assembly of nanomaterialsAdvanced Nanomaterials and NanotechnologyExcellence in Research
DrVIJAYAKUMARRAJAGOPALPSNA College of Engineering and TechnologyIndiaNanomaterials for EnergyNanoparticles doped glassesYoung Scientist Award
DrAnnadanam V. SeshaSainathCSIR-IICTIndiaSynthesis and self assembly of nanomaterialsPolymers and applicationsBest Researcher Award
MsTamannaSharmaPunjab Agricultural University Ludhiana (Punjab)IndiaNanocompositeseco-friendly gluten based Bio nanocomposite filmsBest Researcher Award
Prof DrWenshengZouAnhui Jianzhu UniversityChinaNanocompositescarbon dotsBest Researcher Award
DrTomohiroNobeyamaUniversity of TsukubaJapanNanobiotechnologyBiophysicsExcellence in Research
ProfFarzanehShemiraniUniversity of TehranIranNanocompositesNanomaterialBest Researcher Award
DrFaryalAftabThe Women University, MultanPakistanNanocompositesPhysical ChemistryBest Researcher Award
DrKrupashreeKCSIR - Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI)IndiaNanobiotechnologyAdvanced Nanomaterials and NanotechnologyBest Researcher Award
DrUdayMandaUniversity of Central FloridaUnited StatesNanoscale characterisationHeat Transfer, Thermal SciencesBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrSakinehHosseinabadiIslamic Azad University, East Tehran BranchIranComputational Nanotechnologyfractal and computational analysis in nono-porous structuresBest Researcher Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for


Professor Yuri L. Lyubchenko received his PhD in Molecular Biophysics from the Moscow Institute Physics and Technology (Russia) and DSc degree in Molecular Biology from Institute of Molecular Genetics (Moscow, ...Russia). Currently, he is Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE. In the United States. His research spans a broad range of biomedical problems aimed at unraveling molecular mechanisms of such diseases as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. He has authored 289 research articles/book chapters. He was named UNMC distinguished scientist (2008). He is an Academic Editor for Nature-Scientific Reports, associate editor for New Journal of Science, Frontiers in Bioscience, Journal of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Precision Nanomedicine and serves as editorial member of a number of reputed journals. He also serves on NIH and NSF grant proposal review panels.


#Nanotech #nanotechnology #Nanomaterials #Nanomedicine #Nanoparticles #Synthesis and Self Assembly of Nanomaterials #Nanoscale characterisation #Nanophotonics & Nanoelectronics #Nanobiotechnology #Nanocomposites #Nanomagnetism #Nanomaterials for Energy #Computational Nanotechnology #Commercialization of Nanotechnology #Nanotheranostics #Nanosensors and Actuators #Theranostic Device

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